Monday, February 27, 2012

Finalist Chicago Fire and Ice!

I just found out my early Victorian romance The Spy Who Loved Me is a finalist in the Historical category of the Chicago North Fire and Ice Contest.  Yippee!!

Fortitude.  Resilience.  Rebirth.
                  Oh, and this picture is from my garden.  There is something alive under there after all!!


  1. Hi Miranda! Congrats on this accomplishment :) I came across your blog while searching for some info about this competition. I entered this year. Do you know, or would you be willing to share, what you feel to be the average score that finalists achieve? I am looking forward to scoresheets, and think it would be helpful to know if I even came close!

  2. Hello! Congrats on entering the contest! My advice would be to send an email to the contest coordinators after you get your scores back. In general, in most contests, most finalists score in the nineties to final, since most judges judge excellence by ranking in the 90's and the top three scores usually final.But it's different for every contest, so for more info, would email them directly.
    Also, more important than your score is the feedback your receive. Feedback is sometimes painful, but digesting it for a day or two and coming back to it often gives you a more objective take. Whether or not to believe the feedback is important too. If more than one judge points out the same thing, that might be an indication that is important. Sharing your feedback with your critique partners often helps take the sting out of certain comments and helps you focus on the helpful ones. Going into contests with a tough skin and an attitude that good or bad, you will perservere anyway is the way to go.
    I wish you good luck!

  3. Thank you Miranda! I actually received my scores this morning. I didn't place as a finalist, but the feedback was fantastic. I was so happy to see both judges thought I have a very good writing style and story premise; although one completely disliked my opening and the other loved it - it's all so subjective! Definitely a worthwhile competition, though. Thank you for your thoughts. I am excited to continue on with my writing and working to make it better. Best wishes!

  4. Glad you got some helpful feedback and best of luck on your writing journey!