Wednesday, November 23, 2011

High Concept Tree

I have never (until now) seen a pine tree that changes colors and LOSES its needles.  A deciduous pine?!!! 

Even scarier, I saw it and thought, this tree is EXACTLY the kind of thing we strive for as writers of fiction.  That unique twist on the usual that is so compelling it makes you immediately turn your head!

(I think I need a break)...but anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Want to write for Mills and Boon? Read This!

A few weeks ago I told you the Mills and Boon first chapter competition topped out at 1090 entries.  Well, today they announced the winner, Natalie Charles, for her story The Seven Day Target.  Check out her story here 

For the rest of us who didn't final:  the Mills and Boon editors selected 20 random first chapters and wrote up very short and helpful critiques on each.  They are posted in four batches of five here (On the website, select the dropdown "News.")

This is a wonderful opportunity to read some interesting entries and understand what these editors are looking for.  

Nothing like learning by example! Check it out!